Just like every other industry going digital, printing is no exception;

digital printing is the latest, most innovative print technology available to date. Preferably,


digital printing is best suited for short run projects and variable designs.

Digital printing has revolutionised the way the printing industry has viewed shortly to long term, full colour, and variable data printing.


This reduces set-up time and labour, therefore lowering prep charges versus flexographic printing.

Are you looking for full-color custom printing and you don't want to buy thousands of them at a time?

 Then seek no more you are at the right place at the right time, Mildura printing can help.


Whether you're after wine labels, food labels, bath and body labels, promotional labels or any colourful label we can help you.

And if you're in a hurry, that's great; we provide quick turnaround on all custom sticker and label jobs.


Mildura Printing services digital label printing services strongly support the development of environmentally friendly digital printing materials and technologies.

Our design team can create eye-catching artwork for your point of sale marketing material.




Why choosing Mildura Printing Digital Printing?

Fast turnaround: with no plates and little or no setup, we can have your job ready to print within a short time

High Quality & Color Consistency: Digital Printing offers high quality and higher resolution that flexo just cannot match. We take your creativity to new heights as you are no longer bound by the rules of the old flexographic printing world.

Cost Effectiveness: Since there’s no need to prepare plates, printing digital is cheaper – you don’t have to pay for these costs anymore


Variable Data & Personalization: The ability to print variable data including barcodes, consecutive numbers, or even variable 4-color process images can give your company incomparable flexibility.

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